About Three Maples Farm

About Three Maples Farm

We bought this farm in 1975, and over the years we have grown very fond of the place.
The farm consists of our house and garage, a new barn we built in 2003, various storage buildings and screen houses, all situated on 35 acres of fields and woods in suburban New England.

The most dramatic and defining characteristics are the three field-form maple trees in our backyard. They are planted 40-50 feet apart, they have grown over 70 feet tall, and their spread touches to create one long canopy in the middle of open fields. The circumference of the trunk of the largest is over 20 feet. Hence the name “Three Maples”.

The oldest room in the house was built sometime after 1690 (The approximate age of the oldest bricks in our fireplace) and before 1730 (Based on the framing of the joists, beams and floor planks). Historical records of the original owner, shows a date of 1701 as the most likely date the first room was built. (Based on when the owner and his family first moved to town.)

The house was originally built as a one room building with a loft. Sometime after 1757 and before 1773 the house was expanded to a two room format with a second floor. A third expansion occurred sometime in the early 1800’s to bring it to its’ present center chimney colonial plan.

Over the years we have followed the guideline that says “do no harm to original elements”. As much as possible, we have tried to add details and features at least compatible with the originals. Since the house was built in stages, that has been a challenge. Our experience opened us to finding sources of hardware that can be used to reproduce the original look and feel.