About Our Suppliers

Our Handmade Suppliers

Three Maples has worked hard to find suppliers who continue to build black iron hardware the way it was built 300 years ago. Our suppliers have been carefully tested and orders reviewed to assure the product quality meets our careful standards. We have found our suppliers to be extremely helpful, and willing to do almost anything we ask.

They are capable of a wide range of products, only some of which are being brought to the US. They work in hand forged steel, ceramics, stainless steel, brass and bronze, aluminum and many decorative trims. The product lines are wide and varied. There is hardware for many applications, including bathroom accessories, drapery fittings, fireplace tools and accessories, nautical items, and offer a special products service to custom make anything to design.

As a result, Three Maples chose to limit our initial offering and start our inventory with a variety of the black hand forged steel products. As time goes on, we are expanding that line with new products. Produicts we choose based on feedback from our interested customers. We can however, offer any of a much wider range of products on a special order basis. If you have a special need, please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you.