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Strap Hinges, 18 inch and 24 inch, Bean or Spear, pair


Strap Hinges are hand forged, blackened, and coated in beeswax. They come in 18 and 24 inch sizes, Bean and Spear styles, with pin on plate and pin on screw mounts. They are sold in pairs.

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Product Description

Strap Hinges are some of the oldest types of hinges found on doors.  They are the strongest and most sturdy of the hinge types. They are typically used on large, heavy doors. Made from hand forged iron, blackened naturally during the forging process, and then coated in beeswax.

They are available in 18 inch and 24 inch sizes.Aesthetically, a strap hinge looks best if it is greater than 50% of the width of the door. So an 18 inch hinge can be used on doors up to 36 inches wide, and a 24 inch hinge can be used on doors up to 48 inches wide.

Strap hinges come in two styles, Bean and Spear. They also come with two types of mounting; pin on screw and pin on plate. The pin on screw is especially good if the door jamb is narrow, as the mounting plate is fairly large at 2 x 5-1/2 inches in size. We typically stock 18 inch hinges with pin on screw, and 24 inch hinges with pin on plate.

This Product typically ships in a custom USPS Priority Box.

The strap hinges are sold in pairs. Please call Bob at (603) 289-5027 for availability.


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Pin on Screw, Pin on Plate