“H” and “HL” Hinges, 3 inch and 7 inch, pairs


“H” and “HL” Hinges, sold in sizes of 3 inch and 7 inch, sold as pairs.

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Product Description

“H” and “HL” Hinges are some of the older types of hinges found on cabinet, entry, and passageway doors. They can also be used on some larger boxes. They are sturdy, and dependable. Made from hand forged iron, blackened naturally during the forging process, and then coated in beeswax.

The “HL” hinges are sold in matching pairs. One right reading “HL” and one mirrored or reverse. This allows them to be installed such that the longer leg of the “L” is towards the outside of the door. The “H” hinges are also sold as pairs.

This Product typically ships in a USPS Small Flat Rate Box, except for the 7″ “HL” Hinges which fit into a Medium Flat Rate Box.

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"H" Hinge, "HL" Hinge